Cohere (formerly known as At Media) is a full-service branding and creative agency that focuses on revitalizing cities through schematic design, working with change- and taste-makers alike to bring forth a revolution of placemaking. The company partners with projects seeking to transform the spaces people "live, work, and play." I interned with Cohere in Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 for two separate rounds of internships.

In my first round at Cohere, I designed print and digital collateral for brands like HipCityVeg, Versailles apartments, University of Pennsylvania dining services, and the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.

I also assisted in brand ideation and identity for clients like Philadelphia’s Vision Zero iniative and WrapShack. I also had the opportunity to make a significant impact on the brand direction for Americae, a Latin-American-inspired boutique concept.

FALL 2017
During my second stint, I was given the opportunity to personally manage Marquis & Co. and its three child brands: HipCityVeg, Bar Bombon, and Charlie was a sinner.

Marquis & Co. – Bar Bombon, HipCityVeg, Charlie was a sinner.