Lia is the first flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test designed and developed in Philadelphia. The company, which had little to no brand direction, brought me on to develop a cohesive visual identity. I began my internship conducting basis market research and analysis in order to hone in on a promising brand strategy that would engage multiple target demographics.


Prior to the start of my internship, Lia had adamantly landed upon a logo, brand fonts and colors, and a custom-designed gradient prior to my internship. I pushed for clearer and more consistent voice in the content we created, and worked to collect and consolidate additional assets for future use.

Brand Asset Style Sheets, August 2017

I played a pivotal role in package design, allotting months toward solving one challenging problem: Making detailed, copy-heavy packaging and instructions look good, while also meeting FDA requirements.

I also wrote copy and designed miscellaneous brand art and collateral. 

Brand Moments – Collages, August 2017