Social Media

SixersStudio is a passion project that lives mainly on Twitter. A crossover between my love for the Philadelphia 76ers and the undying desire to “make things,” I began creating mobile and desktop wallpapers and other miscellaneous graphics to circulate via “Sixers Twitter.” The Twitter account (@sixersstudio) quickly earned a sizeable attention and provides me the space to occasionally shake out a cool visual whenever the urge strikes.

The #MikeScottHive is a large, dedicated, and positive community who all became connected via “Sixers Twitter.” This “hive” of dedicated fans is recognized and embraced by local Philadelphia media, Sixers players (including Mike Scott himself), and the Sixers organization. What started as a group of strangers from the internet has quickly become a community of basketball lovers who have built actual meaningful relationships — and at the heart of this are the Hive events.

I was asked to come aboard as Creative lead. I produced brand assets, social media and event collateral.