The Temple News

The day I came aboard The Temple News, I immediately began working to do a complete design overhaul. I spent an extensive amount of time selecting print assets in order to create a cohesive, consistent, and recognizable print identity.

Trying to put together a weekly print publication is tough when you’re small-staffed
and often thrown into absurd obstacles. It’s even harder trying to make it look good.


When it comes to designing the Sports section, you might say I’m the designated hitter. I get to tap into my geometric aesthetic inclinations with sharp angles, jagged edges, and more bold and adventurous graphics.


An overhwelming majority of my job entails “making graphics” or “vectorizing” images – that is, designing data visualizations, making “cut-outs,” or photo illustrations and collages, and illustrating for editorial pieces..

As lead designer, I’ve always strive for the most creative solutions to any challenge. Filling space, visualizing data, making a dry column more engaging and appealing – whatever. My job is to engage audiences and appeal to them visually in ways that are artistic, but also practical and functional.


My design for the August 30th, 2016 Football Preview/Sports Front was named Best Layout/Design for a Division I (30,000+ students) by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia in their annual student Keystone Awards.

The Lunchies 2016 Special Issue front was recently awarded 2nd place for the Associated Collegiate Press’s 2017 Design of the Year.